Saturday, May 25, 2002

So tonight I have friends coming into town for the weekend. Anji and her mom (who I think resembles a young Stockard Channing) are in town with her friend Dan. I just got done burning 2 CDs of nothing but 80s music. The calypso music is done downloading and hopefully I can get that one burned later today. The stupid burner is really tempermental. If anyone out there as an I-Omega Predator USB external CD burner, drop me a line. I want to know if you are having the same problems I am. Like I can't use CDs that have any color printing on the front. It's weird. I have some nice silver Fuji CDs which work great and I have some silver Verbatim CDs with Verbatim written in red ink and they won't even work and they are supposed to according to the I-Omega website. I am really pissed about this....oh well....

It's nice and cool here today...have a light fan blowing and sitting here in a t-shirt. I might be going out to play in Witti Repartee's The Gayest Link if I can get Anji to come along. Alliances are so needed in this game.
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