Monday, May 20, 2002

I just got home from the Survivor 4 finale in Central Park. I am so tired. But first and foremost, let me congratulate Vecepia (Vee) Towery (or is it Towerey?) for her excellent win tonight. I was one of the first people on my feet when the final vote was announced. My only complaint was that Rosie didn't ask who voted for who. I also want to send my congrats to Neleh Dennis (who, although I wasn't pulling for you, you looked adorable), Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien who looked STUNNING (was it just me or were you a complete ringer for Candace Bergman?), and Paschal English (who I think got the short end of the stick when he pulled out the purple rock). All four of you were fabulous competitors.

As for the rest of them....John Carroll's hair reminded me too much of Blake from the Amazing Race. My crush for John is diminishing. Zoe looked stunning though. She really did look very good on stage. Hunter looked like he had been out all night partying (and then we found out he had been out all night), and well....I would have liked to have heard from Patricia, Peter, Robert, and some others instead of having to relive Sarah and her boobs, Sean and his balls, and many other things. I think Rosie was an okay hostess because she's a fan of the show, but I don't think she was all that. There was so much more that I would have asked. But that's just me. And then they all won Saturn Vue's...couldn't she have done that on her show or something....

Well Susan and I got to Central Park around 5:30 or so and were in line to get into through the first round of security. We got into the "holding area" with our grey wristbands around 6:30 or so and were there for a long time waiting to get to our seats in the grey section which were on stage left/house right. We had a nice view of Vee and Neleh when they came onto the stage (and when Vee fell over after winning).

But there was this production assistant/audience coordinator who had pink eyeshadow on and huge earrings and looked like a whore. She was mean to everyone and totally rude. At one point they passed out blankets to us because it was outside on an ice rink and it was only 40-something degrees outside and it was windy too. So they passed out these blankets (some of which were made out of Mylar) and then five minutes later then went back to reclaim them to throw them away because they apparently made too much noises and the entire audience sounded like it was on fire (you knwo that crinkly, crackly sound of a fire...). Well, this pink eyeshadow chick who looked like she was going to have a stroke or a heart attack at any given notice because she was so overwhelmed at yelling for people to sit down and everything went around to pick up these blankets and I even saw her RIP ONE OFF of someone. She didn't ask just yanked it off of them. If I was that person I would have been in her face asking for her superior at that moment. She was really pushing the limits of professionalism.

Let's the event were:

Survivor 1 -- Richard, Sonja, BB, Rudy, Susan (who I really wanted to meet and tell her how much I adore her), and Joel. (There was someone else as well but I couldn't tell who it was)

Survivor 2 -- Kel, Jerri, Mitchell, Amber, Tina, Colby, and Rodger

Survivor 3 -- Carl, Frank, Kim J., Ethan, Jessie (who knows who else I am missing)

Amazing Race -- Frank and Margarita, Brennan (who should drop me a line so we can go drinking again), Kevin and Drew (I think Kevin recognized me), Danny and Oswald, Hilary, Shola and Doyin, and the most amazing thing of all...Alex and Tara were together (no Wil -- notice I spelled it with one L -- Wil not Will) and those two were holding hands. Rumor has it that they are engaged and living together. But we shall see....

Anyway...I am really tired. I need to go get some sleep...I have a job interview tomorrow...correction...TODAY! This morning!!!!!

Nightie night...I will post more tomorrow....

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