Sunday, May 19, 2002

Okay, there won't be that much on the bog today. I have to head out around 2pm to head into the city because I will be in Central Park tonight watching the Survivor 4 finale. Yes, I have one of the coveted tickets. The only bad thing is that it is going to be held outside at Wollman Rink and we are just gonna be freezing our butts off. I have my coat and gloves ready to go but holy mother of God it is going to be 45 degrees as a low today. Just check that little weather box down there at 8pm EDT and you can see how much I am freezing off my tuchus...

So who do I thikn will pull out a win? See I think there is a reason that Kathy has been shown as much as she has since the start of the show. Rumor also has it that she goes on a huge immunity winning streak which could put her in the final two. The only question is -- WHO WITH?
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