Saturday, May 18, 2002

There is a reason why I like Frank Bielic on Trading Spaces.

See a few weeks ago, Hilda Santo-Thomas wanted to paint this womean's carpet orange. Her entire design was this orange and white deal which actually looked really nice and would have looked nicer if she had the orange carpet instead of the crappy beige carpet that the homeowner's friend pretty much demanded that she keep the same. Even Paige who has been highly skeptical of some of Hilda's desgins before admitted she was right.

So, now we're in for another round of TS and someone wants to paint the carpet -- this time it's Frank. So what does he do being the fabulous man that he is -- he just says, "Okay, we're painting the carpet and this is how you do it...," and he just started painting it...he didn't wait for any protests or people throwing themselves down on the carpet and say, "As god is my witness you shall never paint a carpet again..." And somehow he convinced this woman to use the drop cloth as a covering for...get this....the refrigerator....well it is for a playroom...

Now time for odd facts....

Hilda's paint choice is called "Eiffel Tower." She's also 41 and the Prada look she has on TV is her look in real life.

Ty Pennington's full first name is Tygert. I think the parents had to be really into Shakespeare perhaps or....I dunno.

Vern Yip was named Southeastern Designer of the Year for 2000 (or something like that....)

Paige Davis, the Broadway actress and host, lives in Brooklyn. Probably in Park Slope...
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