Saturday, May 18, 2002

Okay, all the ABC fans need to quite their whining. Susan Lucci lost. Susan Flannery won. Dick Clark Productions (NOT CBS!) goofed when they showed Susan Lucci and played the theme music of "All My Children." Unless PricewaterhouseCoopers or Ernst & Young come out and say, "Hey, those two kids who presented the awards were wrong when they called out Susan Flannery's name as the Best Actress in a Drama Series," then Lucci's fans can just suck it up and go replay their tapes of when Lucci won her one and only Emmy award so many years ago.

Here's what happens at award shows (and yes I do know since I have worked behind the scenes on several)...they have a rehearsal where they go through a fake announcing of the show with a fake winner. This is done to get practice with the shots. They do not reveal the winner at the rehearsals. In fact, the producers do not know who won. They have set up one "winner" screen segment with the name and category for each of the nominees. When the winner's name is announced, the producer tells the control room which set to run. In this case, with two nominees named Susan there was the chance that they could screw it up -- which they did. Susan Flannery's name was called and the producer went to a shot of Susan Lucci instead of Susan Flannery and cued up the wrong music.

I do not expect that the accounting firm of Whomever and Whatever to come out and say that they announced the wrong person. That has only happened ONCE that I know of....and they called the people the next day (it was a writing award) and there was very little fanfare. However, in this case, there could be some news if there was a change in hands.

So kiddos....SUCK IT UP! Susan Lucci lost again. When she won it was because she finally picked some episodes that actually made sense instead of her staring down a bear....

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