Sunday, May 19, 2002

Remember how I said that I wouldn't be able to post much since I was going to the Survivor 4 finale in Central Park? Well, Susan (the wonderful person who got me the ticket) and I just had dinner (Mexican food and margaritas -- at least it was margaritas for me) at Chevys and we decided to kill some time and pay $1 for 23 minuets of Internet time at this internet cafe in Times Square. So here I am stepping in one more time before I run off to see how things are going on the site.

I did get to see the Yankees pull out a win over the Twins which I thought was rather sad since the Twins are one of my favorite teams (ah, the days of Kirby Puckett climbing the wall to field a hit) and it looks like they are going to be history after this season. Let's all mourn the passing of the Minnesota Twins.

(insert pause here)

So that's the story from NYC to you later tonight when I fill you in on all that the Survivor 4 has to offer....
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