Tuesday, May 28, 2002

So I watched the episode of Queer as Folk that I missed Sunday night. Can I just say that we all know that Emmett is either not going to keep the ten million or give it all away to charity. The show is sadly getting really predictable (although I like the nice turn that the Brian/Justin relationship is taking showing that Brian does have a more emotional investment in this relationship than he would actually care to admit).

Let's just hit the major stories....the little lesbian threesome...eh...did nothing for me, but it was interesting twist for those characters. I mean they have to get off somehow but I don't know inviting a third into the bedroom is going to do much to change things in the future.

Emmett and the $10 million. Did we all not think that this was a bequest from George when we heard the bank balance. And were not suprised that someone was contesting the will. The oldest storyline in the book. George is dead. Please let that storyline die too.

Brian and Justin -- still one of the most complex storylines. I think the age and emotional differences between the two are going to come into play. They really should have brought back the violin guy for this episode instead of waiting for yet another week to start before I can get some advancement on that story and on Ben with his viral load going up. I hate it when I get an episode to start another story line to preempt the storylines I am really wanting to see.
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