Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Jim Litke is a moron!


Go down a few posts and you will see my little comment I made last night about Mike Piazza, the rumors about him being gay, the denials, blah blah blah.

Well Jim Litke thinks gay players should just stay in the closet. Doesn't he realize that since this has become an issue yet again, that by staying in the closet, players are MORE likely to face scrutiny than if they came out. Just imagine having to look over your shoulder even moreso now because you are afraid the press might be following you and you are scared shitless that they will publish something about you before you have the chance to do anything about it. If a player comes out on his own, then the power is taken away from the press. They can't hold it over them anymore and players no longer have to live in fear.

No, it won't be easy and it's even harder if you are one of the big players. But just take the step and do something about it. You aren't alone. You will be supported.

And Jim Litke can go fuck off and die.

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