Monday, May 27, 2002

"LIfe isn't fair," says Ms. Coral from the Real World New York. I have to agree with her.

After watching part of the Law and Order marathon and the Trading Spaces marathon, I sat down to watch the final two episode of the Road Rules/Real World Battle of the Seasons because I have nothing better to do in my life tonight (and I've also read the recap at Television Without Pity so I know how it ends). So we get to the point where something has happened to the rope that is holding a fish in the water (I don't know if it's plastic or real or whatever) and the Road Rules team is getting passed. And there is Miss Holier-Than-Thou Holly screaming how wrong and unfair it is. Well, she just needs to get over herself. She's a whore and a whiner plain and simple. I am so glad you lost the $300,000 and are walking away with nothing (except the crap you've already won). NO SOUP FOR YOU BITCH!

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