Wednesday, May 22, 2002

I think Christina Long is a wake-up call to parents everywhere.

Christina Long was a 13 year old student who posted provactive things on the internet and in chatrooms, met a guy she met online, and got killed. I don't know if she had the PC in herb edroom or what to a certain extent, I think the parents are partly to blame for her death. My parents had a computer and it was in the living room so if I wanted to use it I had to go into the living room WHERE THEY WOULD ALSO BE and use it. Additionally, our computer could be "locked" so if they didn't want yo on the computer, they could keep you off.

Parents please realize that your children may have a second, secret life on the Internet and unless you ACTIVELY do something about it and talk to your kids, etc etc....well you know where this is all going. Don't blame other people for your failure to keep an eye on your kids.
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