Monday, July 01, 2002

What is up with these people? Leslie van Houten (yes, of the Manson Family killers) was denied parole for the FOURTEENTH TIME(!) despite being considered a model prisoner, having successfully completed EVERY prison program in the state of California, obtained TWO bachelor degrees, and done everything that has been asked of her. The parole board said she needs to obtain more counselling to really come to terms with the enormity of her crimes. van Houten succinctly replied that no such program exists in the California prison system.

Now I am not saying that what she didn wasn't horrible, however, there has to be some point at which you are going to have to let this woman go. I agree with Judge Bob Krug who said that the only reason she is being held is because of the crime she committed and with whom she is associated. Sorry, folks, but that is not reason enough (at least for me). This woman has done everything the penal system in California has required of her (and then some) and yet we hold her for being a former member of the Manson family. I hate to say this, but that doesn't seem to be enough for me. It's like they are giving her a death sentence for the crime which is not allowed under California law. If she is released and goes on another crime spree then I will be the first to admit I am wrong. However, that remains to be seen.

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