Monday, July 22, 2002

The poll is over!

As you may recall, there used to be a poll to the left here asking whether or not I should turn over my love life to my reading public as nothing I was attempting was getting my anywhere. (Of course this all happened before I met Danny and even then there's nothing serious going on between me and him and he, in fact, has gone on a few dates of his own with other people so there.)

So over two-thirds of you want to take over my love life for me. Okay....go right ahead....bring on the men...put personal ads out for me. My love life is at your disposal...why am I totally scared right now...if you want to help and need more details as to what to look for in a guy, feel free to contact me ( and we can talk....just some ground rules though...


Sense of humor
Some basic knowledge of current events

Would be nice:

Some artistic bent
Yankees fan
Goatee (I'm a sucker for a man in a goatee)


Be married
Be straight
Try to change me in any way...I like who I am dammit....

Other than that.....I'm open for it...let's make this happen....
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