Tuesday, July 30, 2002

There are some celebrities that just really piss me off. Okay, let me correct that statement...there are some celebrities that think that they can just apologize and flash a smile and a wave and everything will be okay with the fans that they have just pissed off.

Case in point -- Britney Spears. She flashes THE finger at her fans in Mexico and then apologizes to them and thinks that will make up for it all. When her restaurant opened in NYC, she didn't even pause to acknowledge her legion of fans that camped outside the restaurant IN THE RAIN NO LESS just for a glimpse of her. No acknowledgement. Nothing. She just waves and grins and gives a half hearted apology and thinks that will take care of it all.

Don't these people realize that if it weren't for these fans that they would not be where they are today? Your actions can turn off fans and turn them against you. Be very careful.

Case in point -- Bebe Neuwirth. The woman was starring in CHICAGO on Broadway and had a hge fan following. There would at least a hundred people a night waiting for her at the stage door for her to appear. However, she would exit through a side door to her car that would be waiting for her there. She would send the stage door guy to announce that she had already left. She rarely made an appearance at the stage door to acknowlege people or sign autographs.

My favorite Bebe Neuwirth story came when the cast of CHICAGO was to appear at an annual benefit dinner and do a sketch with Mayor Rudy Guiliani. Bebe Neuwirth campaigned and twisted the arm of every cast member not to do the show as it would only assist in helping him get elected to the Senate (something he opted not to run for a few months later). It wasn't enough that she wasn't going to do it, but she wanted to make damn sure that the cast didn't do it either. This story made the papers BIG time. She started receiving mail at the theatre addressed to Bebe "No-Worth" and was soon frightened for her safety. Well, you must be careful what you say when you are a public figure and be careful about what you do. People (i.e., the press) are listening.
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