Sunday, July 07, 2002

Since some have asked....the item below that I said was wrong on so many levels involved a couple who was auctioning off the right to name their baby (just their first name, not their middle name) on eBay. They had a few stipulations but they agreed to go along with whatever was decided upon by the winner of the auction....they said they were doing it to start a college fund for their child. When I last saw the auction it was at just under three grand...

Also I just got done watching Bachelorettes in Alaska. Two of the women got the shaft, two got their guys (one of which even made me go hubba hubba), and one got shafted by her guy but wound up getting back with a guy she dumped before. I think there's a certain karmic backlash with the woman who had the most money in her "dowry" -- Rebekkah. I think she kinda got off being the most wanted woman of the five on the show and then in the end she wound up with no one. Kinda humbling, no?
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