Monday, July 08, 2002

I want to know why the heck some of these CEOs are pleading the fifth. We're gonna find out the truth one way or another and you had better come clean now and save us all the trouble (not to mention the taxpayer expense) of having to dig and research this one on our own.

Look, we all know that SOMETHING had to go down and most likely, who am I kidding...YOU KNEW! You're just trying to save your ass on this (which I expect you to do) but you are defrauding stockholders on this. This is FRAUD. Somehow I don't think you've come to understand that by taking the fifth, as you plan, makes you look EVEN GUILTIER than before. It's because of people like Ken Lay of Enron, the multiple leaders of Global Crossing (yes, I worked there and they had more staff changes than you could imagine...trying to keep up an org chart was IMPOSSIBLE), and now Ebbers and Sullivan of WorldCom....I'm surprised ANYONE has any money in the stock market right now...
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