Wednesday, July 31, 2002

This is just for Walt...reprinted from Bloomberg with assumption of rights or ownership (I just couldn't do an HTML link from the Bloomberg terminal here at the office)...

Vancouver, July 31 (Bloomberg) -- FedEx Corp., the world's biggest overnight-delivery company, is a suing for trademark violations a Canadian company called Ferret Express that sells the
animals and related products, the Vancouver Sun reported. FedEx said in a lawsuit filed last week that the online retailer, also known as FerretEx, has a purple and orange logo
similar to the trademarked one used by Memphis, Tennessee-based FedEx and may confuse customers, the Sun said on its Web site.
Ferret Express, whose Web site is hosted on a Kelowna, British Columbia, server, hasn't filed its defense in court, the newspaper said. FedEx copyrighted the name ``Federal
Express'' in Canada in 1977 and ``FedEx'' in 1985. The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount in damages and an order forcing Ferret Express to destroy any infringing products.
Ferret Express sells live ferrets for C$248 ($157), when available, the Sun reported. It also sells toys, sweaters and food for the weasel-like mammals.
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