Sunday, July 07, 2002

I was having a talk last night with a friend who is highly amused with my poll to allow the readers of this blog take over my love life.

"Brian, you're a great guy, you're not butt ugly (I burst into laughter at this point), a great sense of humor, a great personality. There really is no need for you to have to have your readers set yourself up on dates. Just go to a few bars or clubs, have some fun, and let nature take its course."

This was the point where I delicately stated that I am not a bar or club kinda guy. I have never really been one of them. I have gone but it's been more with friends than on my own. I hate going to bars on my own. I really do...don't ask me why, don't ask me how, but that's just been my perspective on the whole thing.

"But, Brian, if you don't go out to bars or clubs, how do you expect to find a guy?"

And therein lies the I want someone who is more socially aware or someone who likes to go out and party? Or do I want a combination of both? All I really want is a nice guy...doesn't have to be God's gift to the world...not bad if he has a few extra pounds, funny, well read, maybe a creative bent, some semblance of culture (must know the difference between Sondheim and Seagal)...etc etc....must indulge my need to wake up hella early to watch the Wimbledon finals...

So while I am in Florida I need to do some thinking and planning and plotting...I, at teh very least, need to make an effort....otherwise....spinsterhood.....
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