Friday, July 05, 2002

I've done some more work in the store. There are seven more sayings along with teh new flower and Hawaii collections that have been created, uploaded, and added to the inventory. Drop in and have a look around.

Ted Williams is also dead. Upon learning this, I called my father to chastise him once again from pulling me away from the BoSox's practice field during spring training so many years ago. "Thumper" had arrived and promised us that he would sign our baseballs, cards, etc, after he checked into the locker room. Fifteen minutes later my father was calling for me to join him as he had just procured our tickets for the game. I was insistent on staying, he was insistent that I join him. Being that I had no standing to do anything other than join him I left my post and told him what I was about to miss out on. So, of course, when I heard the news I called my father to rib him one more time.

Oh well....just goes to show I did have SOME good childhood memories....LOL
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