Wednesday, July 03, 2002

So does Martha Stewart think she is too important to talk about her ImClone Scandal while making icebox cookies on the CBS Early Show or does CBS value her too much to let her go?

It all stems back to last week with CBS Early Show Jane Clayson when Martha was grilled about her ImClone deals by Clayson (who was chopping cabbage at the time) while making a salad. Martha tartly said that she wasn't about to answer anything but questions about her damn salad. So when Martha was due to return again today to talk about icebox cookies she called in advance to see if she would be asked questions about ImClone. When told that she would she pulled out.

Martha, darling, you need to get over yourself. You have to expect that wherever you go and wherever you appear you are going to be asked questions about ImClone. If you had gone on the CBS Early Show this morning and they had NOT asked you about ImClone then they would not be doing their jobs. You need to SUCK IT UP YOU SCABBY ASS BITCH and deal with it. Until this story is no longer a story then you need to deal with's a news story. It's about you. And you are looking like the bitch that you are rumored to be.

And to CBS who decided to allow Martha NOT to appear on the show. You suck as bad as she does. You have a job to do. You are there to report the news to us. Martha Stewart is news. ImClone is news. You have failed in your duty to get the story and report it to the public. Bring that bitchy Long Islander on the show, let her make her cookies, and stick it to her about ImClone. I wanna see her writhing in her entrails.

That would be a good thing.
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