Monday, July 01, 2002

My many many many many thanks to the lovely, talented, and equally charming Ari for helping me out and getting my archives to work. I dunno how she did it or what she did or anything but I am in her debt!

News Story of the Day

Have an extra $2500 a year to burn?

If you smoke a pack a day in NYC that's about how much extra per year it is going to cost you to keep smoking cigarettes -- that is if you buy them in NYC.

The extra $1.50 per pack tax that is added on top of the extra $1.50 per pack tax levied by the state of New York went into effect today. Yes, that means to smoke in NYC it will cost you $7 PER PACK! Oh well...people are saying they are going to go to New Jersey or Westchester or LI, buy them on the internet, or even...get this....THE UNDERGROUND MARKET.....what the heck? There is now an underground tobacco market?

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