Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Okay so I am now down in Florida and going to the dress rehearsal of my play tonight. Flying this time was a breeze. There were no lines to get my tickets and with a minor hiccup in Charlotte when we took off late, we still managed to get to Jax in time.

A couple of things though -- I didn't get scanned ONCE going through the first round of metal detectors. I was through free and clear. I even looked at the woman as if she were an idiot for not stopping me for a sweep with the black wand. I shouldn't do that though (look at them as if there were idiots I mean). I mean that's just ASKING for a full body cavity search.

So I get on my plane and now they have the videos telling you all of the safety stuff and I noticed a few things. In the event of a power failure, LIGHTS WILL COME ON? How can lights come on in a power failure? Yes, I know that there is a separate generator for them but if they can have one for the lights can't they have one for the plane? I'd be willing to sit in the dark for a separate generator for the plane.

In the event of an emergency there are slides at all of the exit doors that can be detached to use as a raft. Okay, so if you're SLIDING down the thing, how can you be IN the raft?

Life jackets -- don't inflate them inside the cabin? Okay, WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO INFLATE THEM? When I am thirty feet underwater and drowning? Oh wait, let me remember what to do.....yeah right....

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