Tuesday, June 10, 2003

You know someone with a theatrical bent is reading your blog when you find a google search term for "Daniel Sunjata penis" winding up in your site stats. For the record, Mr. Sunjata has nothing to be worried about in the penis department.

I will tell this story from the Tony ball of Mr. Sunjata. I was sitting at the table having dinner (Stanley Tucci and Edie Falco didn't show up to the party so I ate one of their dinners...for the sake of argument it was Stanley Tucci's) when Daniel Sunjata made an appearance near my table. Technically he was standing near his table which was right next to mine but that's beside the point. Anyway, I said, "You were wonderful in your show!" to which he thanked me. Then I professed that there was only one problem with it...

"Okay, what's that?" he asked.

"The first time there was a penis on stage, everyone around me gasped. Come on, there's a sign outside that says there's nudity in the show. The next time there was a penis on stage they gasped again. My god, it's like these people had never seen a penis before. I wanted to scream, 'Stop being so Midwestern!'"

Mr. Sunjata laughed at this and said, "We're all naked under our clothes," giving me just a hint of the character he played on stage.

We talked for a bit more about the show (Take Me Out -- which is marvelous by the way) and I hope it does gangbusters at the box office now.

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