Friday, June 13, 2003

I have got to learn to read better. When I first saw this article I read it as: "Florida woman sentenced for possessing boobs."

I thought to myself, "Well what's wrong about that."

Reminds me of the time where I read the sign outside one of those homey Mom and Pop Southern restaurants as "Free Pot" when it actuality it was "Free Pot Pies."

Then there was the time I misread one of those news images. You know what I'm talking about....those squares that are off to the side of the newscaster's head that tell you what the news story they are discussing is about...anyway, the news was on and I swear it said, "Russian Mimes Explode." Of course the images of white faced people in black overalls and striped shirts spontaneously combusting was funny at first but then I realized it was "Russian MINES Explode."

It's a pattern I think....
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