Monday, June 30, 2003

I forgot to add an interesting side note to last night's festivities at the Pier Dance. I know once I get hyped up on making out with a guy or the really cute as fuck guy that helps out the team on occasion I just forget some of the more scintillating moments.

I was talking with our team president about, of all things, how I don't really go into my sex life that much or really talk about the sex that I do have. And yes, people, I do have sex now. I mean there was that eight month run of nothing but as of late it has picked up a bit. Anyway, I mentioned this to our team president in the context of a conversation I had with another teammate about my bachelor auction date. From the way I spoke he assumed (and said it outright) that no "nookie" took place on our date. I responded with, "Well...if there was then I'm telling. I don't kiss and tell." Our team president responded with, "Thank God someone on this team believes in that."

Of course this then led to the discussion of if I were to go looking for sex where would I go...I had no clue as to how to respond. I'm sure I could head out to the Eagle or the Dugout or some place and pretty much find what I want. But what was more interesting was our talk about perceptions and expectations. Basically it boiled down to a talk we had about people putting out very suggestive and/or explicit personal ads on public websites and then taking umbrage when it is used against them. Well maybe the phrase "used against them" is a bit strong but certainly used to an advantage that might not be advantageous to them.

Anyway...I have six months left in this year to fulfill my New Year's Eve Resolution to put myself out there more and venture into the unknown world of dating and so forth. I actually do have a date lined up for when I return from Canada in a few weeks (he's in fact leaving this week for a vacation of his own) and I still need to set something up with Wrestler Guy for kickboxing although that, to me, is not a date, but a chance to kick ass.
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