Tuesday, June 24, 2003

So I'm at work today and have to be at work for the remainder of the week, if not the month, no matter how sick I am, because one of the people I cover for (not the maniacal Gloria) is going to be on vacation for the rest of the month in preparation for his wedding. Then after he gets married I have to cover for him for 2 weeks and pray that Gloria does decide to pull another fast one and leave me high and dry covering her desk and his desk as well as my own because we all know how that makes me feel.

Now I've been looking into fulfilling my Price is Right fantasy and thanks to everyone's tips it looks like I have a good chance of getting on stage and winning something :). Even cooler, they are taping on my birthday this year so I could conceivably fly out the day before, go to the taping, wear a shirt that says: "Plane tickets -- $$$, Hotel room -- $$$, Taxi fares -- $$$, Spinning the Big Wheel on my birthday -- Priceless", play Plinko, win a car, not to mention a double showcase showdown win, fly back the next day and have no one be any the wiser that I've done it -- until it airs.
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