Thursday, June 26, 2003

So yesterday I go to post some of the insightful commentary (such as "Do lesbians like having a lumber company named Dykes -- do they find it affirming or do they think that it just degrades them and forces them into yet another sexual stereotype along with gym teachers and tennis players?")...anyway....I was all set for another round of this when I couldn't posta damn thing all day....

Why? you may be asking yourself right now....because Blogger decided that few hours that they needed to convert over to this new format of posting (which really isn't much different than the old format just prettier to look at) would take ALL FREAKIN' DAY instead of the few scant hours that they said and cause me to forget the really insightful commentary that I had planned for's all too tragic for yes...we all could have been talking about something that could have impacted each and every one of us deeply for the rest of our lives but I think we can just blame it on Blogger and be, sadly, bereft for the rest of our lives.
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