Friday, June 27, 2003

What are you to do when someone you know had taken up a job career that makes you just scratch your head?

Case in point, the person I know was the head of a large non-profit organization and recently stepped down to pursue other interests (or at least so he said so therefore it has to be the truth WINK WINK). Well...come to learn that he's taken up being a male escort!

I'm trying to figure out if this was a natural job progression or if it was something to the point of...Well, the job market sucks, let me make money off of my body. I found this out through a mutual friend (and this can be verified by other people thank you very much) who received an email which he forwarded on to me which would take you to their online ad at what is apparently a male escort website.

It alternately made me want to laugh and gouge out my eyes at the same time. And then I felt sad. And then I wanted to email him and set up a fake date with him because I'm just an evil person.

Then I went to bed.

Man if that's the most exciting my life can get on a Thursday night (outside of watching Amazing Race 4) then that is pretty sad -- especially now that I can have all the gay sex I want (or my body can stand) and not be arrested for it.
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