Wednesday, June 18, 2003

No...the NYPD says there's no quota system but if you at the budget figures for the upcoming year...there's a huge increase of about $130 million (or something like that) in revenue coming from tickets alone. Some of the stupid things that you can be ticketed for as according to the Daily News:

Talking to loud outside your apartment.

Blocking a turnstile (the man bent over to pick up the change that had fallen out of his pocket).

Having truck lettering that is one inch too short to comply with commercial vehicle laws.

Loitering outside your own shop.

And my personal favorite...Unauthorized use of a milk carton.

Okay here they are writing up all of these tickets and when I call them up to take care of the people playing their music way too loud at an ungodly hour of the morning or the massive amounts of people playing street basketball (and yelling and screaming during the game) until well past midnight and they say they will come and take care of it and they never do then what the hell kinda world is this? They are picking on the most inane of offenses but yet can't respond to a call in the middle of the night while kids on the street (who should be in bed) are screaming at the top of their lungs, "Hey! Everybody up! It's 2:00 in the morning!" What's even worse is their "Don't Blame Us" campaign...ugh...basically someone has to be lying here...either the police are being hard pressed to write tickets about the smallest most asinine things to make their freakin' quota or the Bloomberg administration is lying in saying that police are just doing their job.

Personally, I would just love to see an analysis done of the following things -- how many stupid (think milk crate) tickets were written in the last three years as compared to recently and how many were thrown out by the judges? Don't they realize it will cost the judicial system more to have to try all of these cases when people plead not guilty to stand up to this stupidity? They aren't making money here...I pretty much think they will be losing it...
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