Wednesday, June 04, 2003

So I saw Take Me Out last night (with the delightful Ms. Edie Singleton) and all I have to say is can there be more nudity (not to mention well hung men) in this show? I mean one guy (whose name escapes me now) not only had a pretty impressive endowment but it looked like he was excited to be out there flaunting it too...Edie commented that she didn't think he was hard but I assured her that when they are that big and massive, they don't stand up straight as they are a bit too heavy.

I, however, fell gaga in lust for Gene Gabriel. Tall, beefy, hunky...put me on my knees and make me worship....the ground you walk on (what did you think I was going to say?)...of course if I ever did date him I would only be able to picture him naked and it would be an accurate picture too for that matter.

What really cracked me up was that when the guys were in the shower, they would pretty much just wash their crotch and groin area. If anyone else has seen this show, please let me know if they did wash anything else because I know there were a few chest swipes but for the most part it was a lot of crotch groping on stage.

The show, however, belonged to Denis O'Hare who played the business manager -- the gay man who had never watched baseball before but became addicted to it...if they ever make that into a movie (or do the show anywhere else) I want to do that's a delicious part full of insight, warmth, and humor. I really hope he wins the Tony because I liked his performance much better of Daniel Sunjata who played the gay player. Shockingly, Neal Huff, who serves as the narrator for the story, wasn't nominated and he did a nice job.

Anyway...Gene Gabriel...gotta lust over him....
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