Wednesday, June 11, 2003

So...I was at dinner last night in SoHo with a few guys from the rugby team when the oddest (and hottest -- in more than one way) thing happened.

The building caught on fire.

Now it was odd because how rare is it that you're actually in a building that is on fire and feel compelled to stay inside because it's raining fiery, smoking embers down to the ground. On the other hand, some of the firemen were way too yummy for words which made the experience all that much...well....hotter. Of course, we were cracking ourselves up at the one firefighter who had a cigarette in his mouth and seemed to be posing for their upcoming calendar.

The fire, they believe, was deliberately set on fire because the space it was in on the roof wasn't in an area they believed could have spontaeously burst into flames. Well...something else was ready to burst and it was thanks to some of those hunky men in the red suspenders and tight t-shirts!

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