Monday, January 13, 2003

This is from the lovely men at (see the link on the left) and since I love gossip and reality TV, I just had to throw this out there. Take it for what it is and just remember it's gossip and not the truth...unless you have photographic proof and then I will die laughing...

"Joe Millionaire star Evan Marriott has got the ladies and gay boys in a tizzy, and the mail has been flooding into Filth2Go at an alarming rate. Yes, darlings, I know all about his swimwear photos (and will post them for members to see at Although I must confess that I get absolutely no gay vibe from him whatsoever, a rumor is circulating that Evan may have been a gay male escort or, at the very least, a “massage therapist”. According to reports, photos of Evan (or someone who looks like him) have appeared in the back pages of local Southern California gay rag Frontiers and in various national magazines in ads for “intimate massages” with a phone number in Dana Point – which is where Evan hails from. In addition, various unconfirmed sources have contacted moi stating that they partook of Marriott’s pleasures – and he used more than just his hands, if you catch my drift (the term “full release” was mentioned repeatedly). Needless to say, we’ll be looking into this story carefully. But, anyone who professes to be infatuated with Nancy O’Dell probably ain’t all that straight!"
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