Thursday, January 16, 2003

So the hunky Brian H. is gone from The Bachelorette and I am just a little sad and confused. Why did he leave on his own accord? Why did ABC choose not to tell us this? I mean couldn't we have gotten an interview with him? A confessional? SOMETHING? We did get to see him topless so we have that to be thankful for.

Oh and as for the rumors that Trista is pregnant with Charlie's child -- totally untrue. Those of you who know I have connections with the reality TV world know that when I hear things I pull every string I have to find out the truth. I called in a few favors and had one of my lovely contacts give Ms. Rehn a call about her possibly being pregnant with Charlie's child. The answer is no, she is not pregnant at all. My source wouldn't confirm if it was Charlie or not either but from Ms. Rehn's lips to my reliable source's ears to my email inbox...Trista IS NOT pregnant with Charlie's child or any child for that matter.

All I wanna know is if Trista was planning on giving Brian H. a rose or not...and if she did would she have kept Russell.

And for all of the guys from The Bachelorette -- you all have a standing invitation for the best burger in NYC and beers with me...not that $50 burger crap with black truffles in it. I mean really. $50 for a burger? It's like burger wars here -- who can have the most expensive burger in NYC? First it was $20, then $29, then $40-something and now $50. Just a wee bit ridiculous, no?
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