Monday, January 13, 2003

Argh....this is why Antonin Scalia should never be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. There can be religion in public life, however, one religion cannot be endorsed over another by a government agency. Personally, I don't think that religion has been stripped from the public -- not when churches broadcast their sermons on TV, cable channels devoted to religion are established, days off from work are granted due to religious holidays, some churches have festivals dedicated to religious events or icons, people openly pray in public (both Christian and Muslim religions), etc etc. Am I firm believer of separation of church and state -- you betcha! Do I think prayer should be in school -- yes, but not organized or endorsed by the school. If students want to have their own time and place where they can study the religion of their choice (Christianity, Judaism, the Kaballa, Islam, etc) then I am all for it.

Oh this is something I should not get started on...backing off from the soap box before I get on it...
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