Friday, January 31, 2003

Someone reminded me that I had forgotten this week's edition of Reading Between the Lines, my weekly gossip game. Well I did and I'm such a whore for same rules as last time. Four of them is fake. Spot the fake one, click the little line below to tell me which one you think is fake and I'll reveal the results tomorrow. And, to make it even more interesting, if you're coming to the blogger bash and you are the first person to answer correctly...I just may buy you a drink... :)

So here we go...

#1 -- Cameron Diaz and boyfriend Jared Leto drew stares from shoppers as they kissed, hugged and groped while the "Gangs of New York" beauty picked out clothes at an Urban Outfitters in LA. After she spent an hour trying on outfits for Jared's approval, he told the salesperson he'd pick up the $2,500 tab. No way, said his ladylove. The tug-of-war over the bill ended when Cameron said he could pay only if he let her buy clothes for HIM. So Jared shopped till he dropped -- amid more kissing, hugging and groping -- and Cameron paid his bill: Exactly $2,500!

#2 -- "The Practice" star Dylan McDermott gave legal aid to an elderly gent at a TinselTown dry cleaners. The guy was next in line when a rude dude cut in front of him -- then started barking at the old guy when he protested. That's when Dylan stepped in, telling the guilty one he was "out of line" and threatening to call the cops. The creep beat a retreat -- and Dylan's thankful benefactor quipped: "I never thought I'd be glad to see a damn lawyer!"

#3 -- Somebody should have told Celine Dion that the stage floor of her new Las Vegas theater had been freshly waxed BEFORE she made her entrance. The diva -- wearing spike heels during a rehearsal -- slipped and fell flat on her backside, bruising her tailbone. The injury kept her from dancing for the rest of the day.

#4 -- Talk about mud-slinging! Sharon Stone shelled out $10,000-plus to have several hundred pounds of volcanic ash delivered to her San Francisco home – for mud baths! Sharon went ga-ga over the goo – which is chock-full of minerals – on a trip to Hawaii. It supposedly has anti-aging properties – and Sharon's female assistant smears it on her naked bod three times a week!
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