Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I’ve been obsessed with iron-on transfers as of late.

You know what I’m talking about – those reverse images you had to hold down forever with an iron so they would properly affix themselves to a t-shirt that you could proudly wear around. Everyone knew it was an iron-on but you still wore it proudly because you really couldn’t find cool t-shirts back in the 70s unless they had an iron-on attached to them.

So I’ve been floating around on e-Bay for a while looking at the odd iron on transfers (some of which go for $20 a pop—who knew?) and reminiscing about the good old days (and there was no cup of International Coffee involved either – “Jean Luc!”) when I was a kid growing up in North Carolina (prior to moving to Florida in 1986. You know those days where you would fight with your sister to see who could open up the box of Honeycomb first so you could reach inside the bad of cereal to get to the Honeycomb iron-on first so Mom could attach it to a t-shirt for you to wear to school the next day and think that you were the coolest thing on the planet.

I found Charlie’s Angels, Battlestar Gallactica, Starsky and Hutch, and on and on. Glitter iron-ons. Rocker iron-ons. Perverted iron-ons (“Come sit on my face!” being one that elicited a major groan from me). Clean iron-ons (“Smile! It increases your face value!” getting another groan).

Then it hit me – Gregory Harrison! For Ladies Only! Screening Party!

Screening Party is a book by Dennis Hensley based upon (if not outright taken word for word from) articles he wrote for British Premiere magazine about the movies he would watch with his friends and their reactions to them. There was an entire chapter dedicated to male stripper movies and, specifically, For Ladies Only starring the bushy haired hunkster, Gregory Harrison, who, despite being in a series of really, really, really bad B-movies after being the adorable Dr. Gonzo Gates on Trapper John, broke my heart once again in It’s My Party (oh those final scenes make me burst into tears) and made me want him more than ever. Now that’s older I think he’s even hotter than before and when he wears those glasses, he has that upper class look of sophistication and class that you just can’t find anywhere else…anyway I’m digressing…

At the end of the male stripper chapter of Screening Party, Dennis (yes, the author of the book is in it himself) goes on eBay and finds a For Ladies Only iron-on of our hunka hunka burning man love. So I have to find one right…

Sadly none are to be had.

That’s okay, my friend Jenna is making me a shirt though. And that’s why I love her.
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