Tuesday, January 07, 2003

I'm debating whether or not to attend the rugby boot camp hosted by the Manchester Spartans in Manchester, England. Round trip airfare to London is about $300 which isn't bad but then there is transportation within the country, meals, the other miscellaneous trinkets and so forth. Accomodations will be free as we will be staying with members of the Spartans so that's a good thing. I dunno. Maybe I'm just overthinking this and I should just go.

Or perhaps it's because as one of my dear friends said to me on the phone about three o'clock this morning -- "You're just scared because [the Desirable Wonder Twink] may also be going and you don't want to do something that would turn out to be a big ball of wrong and wind up hurting more people than is necessary."

I hate it when my friends confuse me with things that have nothing to do with the original subjet and cause me to dwell on it for hours afterwards.
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