Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Reading Between the Lines

More fun time we go...


Could it be that a certain lady in this very column has a secret? Not much of a secret since everyone pretty much knows that beneath her man-killing exterior lies a heart that belongs exclusively to the ladies. But this gal is so paranoid about her true proclivities that she’s gone to elaborate lengths to promote a lifestyle that is straight if not quite narrow. Some of her colleagues have told me that no one even hints that they know the truth – she’d kill ‘em with one look.

I'm voting Miss Survivor herself Jerri Manthey for this one. She comes across as a real man eater (and let's not forget those long lusty scenes with heartthrob Colby on Survivor 2) so this fits her very well. However, many people are pointing the finger at none other than daytime diva Deidre Hall. Interesting.

From The Globe (and Blind Item Rehash):

This intense actor can't resist escaping to Vancouver, Canada, to party it up with call girls, personally delivered to his hotel rooms whenever he's in town. The good news is that he's not quite cheating on his lady because she's "into it," too! She loves it when her beau hires a girl to come on over and join the fun. In fact, she's so brazen that she even dictates the action, if you get my drift.

Hmmm, the big clue there is "dictates the action." Part of me was ready to say David Duchovny and Tea Leoni on this one since he was in Vancouver shooting The X-Files for many years. Must think on this one some more.

And not really reading between the lines but some of the funnier things found on the Gossip List:

Lance Bass of *NSYNC -- "tres gay; self described 'power bottom'; once photographed in gay club in New Orleans pre-Nsync success"
Michael Bolton (long haired singer) -- "has photo of Cher in downstair bathroom"
Benjamin Bratt (Law and Order, Miss Congeniality) -- "hair plugs and rhinoplasty"
George Brett (famous baseball player with the Kansas City Royals) -- "bisexual"
Drew Carey (bad sitcom actor) -- "likes being humiliated in bed by bimbos or porn stars"
Darva Conger (Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire, media whore) -- "self important witch"
Anderson Cooper (CNN journalist, former host of reality series "The Mole") -- "likes esctacy and freaky sex; gay and allegedly goes through boyfriends like Kleenex; labeled as a two timer by a former lover"
David Duchovny (The X Files, lots of bad movies) -- "reportedly has huge schlong; cheated on wife with Minnie Driver's stand in"
Brian Austin Green (Beverly Hills 90210) -- "bi; likes to hire male hookers; knocked up Vanessa Marcil"
Tom Hanks (two time Oscar winner) -- "not very fond of Leonardo DiCaprio"
Star Jones (The View) -- "uses a golf cart to get around the house"
Jennifer Lopez (thinks she can sing and act) -- "diva extrordinaire; proof that you can fuck your way to the top; talentless singer, autotune should get a credit on her albums"
Chris Noth (Law and Order, Mr. Big) -- "tempermental; will chase anything in a skirt, loves to drink, fuck, and party; allegedly has had so many conquests that he should own stock in the Trojan condom company"
Jeff Probst (Survivor host) -- "loves meeting trannies via internet; sends them his pix and then suggests 'meeting'"
Joe Rogan (Fear Factor host) -- "bi;likes to visit Levis and Leather bathhouse in Boston; dated Survivor slag, Jeri Manthey"
James van der Beek (Dawson's Creek) -- "madly in love with tv Daddy, John Wesley Shipp; they have a love nest in NYC"

Like everything in parentheses above is my comment. Anything else is from the

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And if any of you go on this flight, I do not want to know about it. My theory of nudity is that those who should, don't and those that shouldn't, do.
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