Monday, January 27, 2003

Monday Meltdown

I did my personal best at the gym today -- 6.38 miles on the elliptical runner in an hour. Of course, my previous best before that was set on Sunday afternoon when I did 6.36 miles in an hour. Before that it was a measly 6.06 miles. My legs hate me now.

Interesting to note that while I was on the runner yesterday, CNN was playing on the TVs and they had the headline "Ritter Sex Strike" and all I could think was that John Ritter was somehow involved in child porn or something but since I couldn't find anything in the news yesterday I'm chalking it up to my own misguided evil mind. Turns out it was former UN arms inspector Scott Ritter.

I'm debating whether or not to do the Hurry Date thing that Faustus did. 25 guys at three minutes each...sounds like a really bad porn movie premise to me...

Legs hurt. Thankful for this device that a former boss got for me in the Secret Santa of 2001. I don't think I would be walking today without it.

Roommate interviewing has commenced. I hate having to find someone to move in with you who won't take off some Mission: Impossible mask and really be Norman Bates. First guy we met was cool so we're hoping that he doesn't find anything else better than us...

Our president's State of the Union address is going to focus on Iraq and not our economy it seems. Hmmm...if he doesn't start singing another tune soon he will find his ass out on the street come November 2004. Like father, like son.

What the hell was Shania Twain wearing during the halftime show? Was some she some space alien-dominatrix? I wanted to scream at her, "Put the Be-Dazzler down, Shania!"

And sadly I saw the video footage of this and am thankful I didn't know it was a woman's uterus he was doing it on...I mean really that breakfast hour video or not?

I want to see the Chicago movie again. Soon. If they put Catherine Zeta-Jones in as supporting actress for the Oscars it will be against precedent. She will go against her Golden Globe nomination for Lead Actress and the two times the award has been nominated for lead actress in a musical at the Tonys (won by Bebe Neuwirth in 1996). Also, it means Queen Latifah probably won't win or even get nominated (as she should).

Hmmm just noticed in my Sitemeter stats I'm linked at Interesting.

In the land of crushes, I sent New Crush a belated birthday e-card and we've been doing some email corresponding. However, they raise an eyebrow as I've never had a friend (even you Joni, Faustus, etc) close out an email with the phrase "All my love." Anyway, he and I may be doing dinner one night soon.

I have a date Friday night. Seems like a nice guy. At least he's a reality TV whore like me. :)

One last thought on the entire Bloggies nightmare -- Next year, split up the categories amongst several groups of people so no one can say they were overloaded or it was too much to handle. It could also prevent some collusion.
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