Thursday, January 09, 2003

The Bachelors of the Bachelorette. We all wondered if the men would be as mean, manipulative, backstabbing, and so forth and I think we're going to get it. I think Russell is already pegged as the bad boy of the show and the shocking thing is that Trista likes him quite a bit already so I have to hope that there really is something substanative going on there.

Hmmm, maybe I need to get tickets to the GMA studios on Thursdays and have a big sign for them so they will know who is bitching them out online! My picks of Jaime and Brian H. are into the next round which makes me happy even though I'm pretty sure that Brian H. won't be making it much farther.

Brian H. *DROOL* And like I said before, apparently I'm not the only one that adores this man. I've already been found on Google by people doing searches for the hottie. I think I need to be picked up off of the floor. The suit he has on for next week I was diggin' too. I hope he makes it farther in the show because we saw so little of him before.

So let's drool over him for a moment shall we?

Now many of you played my new game Reading Between the Lines where we dissect the blind items from Michael Musto's column (with my lovely thanks to the wonderful people at Gawker for including me) and someone was nice enough to point out a link to me where they do the same thing. Interesting to note that they do use the Sam Champion/Mike Piazza angle and I have to admit that the John Travolta one should have come to me quicker. They also pegged Betty White for the authorship for the aged sitcom diva -- something I attributed to Bea Arthur. Maybe it's because I can't hear Betty White say the word cunt as much as I can hear it come from Bea's mouth. week again shall we? More blind items for us to hash over?

Oh and let's say good bye to A (646) Guy in a (212) World. I've decided to pull the plug on the continuing saga on my fake life with Ben Affleck. I haven't touched it in a while and, to be honest, I don't foresee me picking it up any time soon. I'm still Brian the 646 Guy. But there's no more lunacy.

Let's look back on some of the better moments of the story -- Hildi from Trading Spaces getting murdered. The cast of American Idol coming to rescue my fake sister. Tantric sex with John from Survivor: Marquesas. The Penis Soliloquies. Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford rescuing me in Vermont. Matt Damon in a ball gag. Vern Yip decorating the apartment naked. Transsexuals winning the Miss NYC Pageant. Crack baby cuddling.


It was a nice ride wasn't it?
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