Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Okay, I’ve debated whether or not to share this with everyone but I figured I’m so open with my life on here as it is that I might as well put it out there because it is highly worthy of a laugh or two (or three).

I was propositioned at the gym last night. By a married man.

As in married with a wife.

And kids.

I got to the gym late last night and I did my hour on the runner (and let me tell you that machine just kicks your ass into the ground), stretched out afterwards because God knows my inner thigh muscles were screaming that I was a moron for torturing them yet again, did a reverse stretch on the inflatable workout ball to get my stomach, abs, and back stretched out as well, showered, changed, and brushing my hair when this guy comes in. He starts peppering me with questions about my workout and what I did and if I had spent any time in the steam room that evening (which I hadn’t). First thing I did notice about him was the wedding band on his finger.

At this point, he goes on to tell me about he walked into the steam room one evening while a college convention was happening at the hotel (the gym I work out at is in a hotel here in NYC and you can buy memberships to it) and there were two buffed out guys that reminded him of his son (his term not mine) pretty much going at it in the steam room. He told them not to worry about it and to go on with what they were doing and he watched them go at it.

Now as he was going on and on about this, he was rubbing his crotch through his boxers as well so I’m pretty much getting the signal that he was looking for some action in the steam room that night and was trying to gauge whether or not I was up for joining him (even though I had already showered, was dressed, and about to leave). Anyway, I laughed in all the right places, looked shocked in all the right places, and got the hell out of there.

I think he was disappointed.
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