Tuesday, January 21, 2003

So I went to the gym yesterday and ran into the trainer who set me up on my program with I joined the gym. It was one of those deals where you get one free trainer sessions to get you started with a program and such when you joined the gym. Well, I knew what I needed to do based upon what I was doing at the last gym I joined -- alternating days of cardio and weights. So I ran into him again yesterday for the first time since I joined and he was amazed at the transformation (something I'm still amazed about myself but that's another story) so he asked (forgetting why I had originally started working out) what plans I had. Enter talk about gearing up for rugby and so forth and this is where he totally stunned me and made me almost wet my pants.

"Dude, if you're going to be playing rugby, you need to do your cardio every day."

But that really didn't stun me as I figured on my weight days I would throw in another fifteen to twenty minutes of cardio but I was wrong.

"Yeah, you need to be doing that hour of cardio every day."


An hour on the elliptical runner every day. That's wrong. Wrong on so many levels. Yeah it will make it more physically adept and give me the strength to do an eighty minute match but damn. My entire body will be begging to be shot by the end of the first week of that. An hour. Of cardio. Every day. If it was aerobics or something I could rationalize it but that runner. I may mix it up some and do the runner and the bike or some stairs. But I think it's just going to kill me in the end.

Or give me a great ass.

Or both.

So today is just a cardio day. No weights. Just cardio. Tomorrow is the first combined day of one hour cardio and weights. Let's see how I do.

Oh and in case you're still wondering, Trista is not pregnant with Charlie's child.
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