Monday, January 13, 2003

I got this email today (just to clarify that the lack of capitalization, proper grammar, or even spelling isn't my fault) so if you are interested please contact me (email link off to the left) and I will pass along the info of how to get in contact with the proper people.

"well, as of yesterday, I became a foster mom to an adorable 80 lb puppy of about 9 months. i can't keep her, but she was in a really bad situation (i found her in harlem with this guy who was about to leave her in a park....she's been hit before (she cringes sometimes when you move to fast) but she's one of the best natured dogs i've ever met) I smuggled her on the metro from harlem to brooklyn yesterday, gave her a bath, cooked her some steak, walked her around.....she slept all night in my room, without a peep.and didn't go to the bathroom min the house either! all in all, she's great. and, guess what? she has one blue eye and one brown...the brown has a little blue corner to it too! so, i'm spreading the word and would love to find her a really loving home, preferably with some land because she has a lot of energy adn she's big. i think she's half pit/half husky although the guy that had her said half dane/half know she's had a rough start to life, but she needs a great home now! she's really beautiful. anyways, if you know anyone who is looking for a
different type of dog, or hear of anyone, she's really a gem. i wish i was in the position to be a good mom, she's already won my heart!"

God I am such a do-gooder today...what has come over me?
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