Wednesday, January 15, 2003

It’s time for another round of my new favorite game, Reading Between the Lines. However, this time instead of trolling around for blind items of my own, I’ve got four news items of my own and only one of them false – that’s right…three of these morsels are true and only one is fake.

All you have to do is click my comment link below and tell me which one you think is the phony. The answer will be posted later today…

1) "Maid in Manhattan" star Jennifer Lopez is cleaning house in Hollywood – fiancé Ben Affleck's bachelor pad, that is! Ben's pool table: going … His jukebox: going … His big king bed: GONE! Said a pal: "Ben knew there was no way Jennifer was going to sleep in the same bed where Ben had slept with other women!"

2) FEEDING FRENZY: At an outing at a Malibu pet store with his two young sons, rocker Tommy Lee was THRILLED when staffers began feeding live mice to a snake! Tommy blurted with glee: "Isn't this great?!" -- while the boys squirmed in horror. (Their mom Pam Anderson -- an ardent animal rights activist -- must've FLIPPED when she heard the tale!!)

3) Oprah Winfrey's personal trainer, Bob Greene, cooked up a dandy diet trick to help her achieve her whopping 33-pound weight loss – he taped baggies filled with water to her thighs, upper arms and butt before the 20-minute treadmill sessions that begin her daily workouts. Greene told Oprah to think of the water sloshing around in the bags as the fat she picks up every time she's tempted by her diet downfalls -- fried chicken and french fries.

4) Scared of the light: Drew Barrymore sweetly asked a waiter on the outdoor patio of an LA sushi joint: Bring a bowl of water for my dog, and turn down the light overhead. No problem with the water but the waiter said the light wasn't on a dimmer. Drew's solution: she had him climb on a chair and remove the bulb -- then Drew and a femme friend dined in the dark.
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