Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Oooh....a new game for us to play....I'll call it Reading Between the Lines and we can all try to figure out who is behind the blind items in Michael Musto's column in the Village Voice. So I have culled eight tidbits from his column so let's have some fun shall guesses, of course, will be in italics.

1) What insufferable reality show personality landed his current business thanks to a sugar daddy (though it's hard to fathom anyone actually paying for his sexual services)?

See, my first inclination here is that it's Clay from Survivor because he was just starting a new business and I can't see anyone actually paying for his sexual services. Of course it could also be Brian, but we already know that he's been paid for his sexual services.

2) What married actor, whom everyone thinks is gay, had a torrid affair years ago with that foreign screen hunk? What omnipresent shots of that leading man courting that superstar were so staged they even asked around for seven outfits the actor could wear in different setups?

Well Tom Cruise immediately comes to mind here but I'm trying to place the foreign screen hunk...

Hmmm well since I was reminded by Mr. Frankenstein that Tom Cruise is divorced it means I have to go back and revise this all hinges on the who the foreign screen hunk is...I know it's not Keanu Reeves since he's admitted being at least bisexual...I'm stumped here...I really am...maybe Jude Law...but he's foreign himself...

3) Who plays a gay, but says he isn't so in real life (and no, it isn't the Will & Grace guy), though he went out with that male indie star for about six months, which would make him, duh, gay?

Hmmm...this could be a few people. I'll start with Queer as Folk's Hal Sparks, Gale Harold, and Scott Lowell (although I doubt that it could be Scott Lowell and I dunno if Gale is gay in real life). There's Michael C. Hall (who is married by the way) and Matthew St. Patrick from Six Feet Under. Then there's a number of characters from Dawson's Creek it could be. Ditto for Oz. And I haven't even touched the films yet. Hmmm, going with a TV person and I'm picking Hal Sparks. I don't know why but I am.

4) Is it true about the weatherman and that baseball player?

I dunno but can I watch? I'm going with (predictably) Sam Champion as the weatherman (although I wouldn't mind it being John Marshall from Channel 4 and I'm pretty certain it's not Al Roker). As for the baseball player, I could be trite and say Mike Piazza but I won't. I'm going to go with Jason Giambi just because I'm pretty damn sure it can't be him but a man has to dream.

5) What aged diva says of a hit sitcom she once did, "[Co-star # 1] was a doll, [co-star # 2] was heaven, and [co-star #3] was a cunt"?

This one was perhaps an easy call. Bea Arthur said it. Co-star #1 was Betty White. Co-star #2 was Estelle Getty. Co-star #3 was Rue McClanahan.

6) What all-around entertainer, once branded homophobic, turns out to have had an affair with a black male antiques dealer?

I dunno here...this one has me stumped. I would say Frank Sinatra but that would just be a little wrong. I don't think Tony Danza is an "all-around entertainer" as well.

7) What actor who still won't say he's "that way" once, swears a source, played piano for a gay men's chorus?

Hmmm, this could be just about anyone. I'll let you all take a few stabs at it.

8) What Latin singer—a flaming queen, as it were—lit so many incense candles at the St. Regis recently that he set off the fire alarms?

Do I really need to say anything more than he's Livin' La Vida Loca? Although some people have suggested Placido Domingo...

9) What notorious NYC blogger may be on the end of cutbacks at his office and back out on the streets looking for work again?

Oh...well, that one wasn't in the Village Voice (although everything else was) but yes...there are rumors of 10% cutbacks to be done within the coming weeks. Just what I need right now...
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