Monday, January 06, 2003

Monday Mind Meld

I added a new thing onto my blog -- a workout diary. Over to the left you can monitor my workout progress and see how much (or how little) I am doing and then chastise me for not doing enough (or whatever you want).

I think the Giants' loss yesterday really sucks. The center should be shot for TWO really bad hikes during field goal attempts. The first one was barely down when the kicker got there and the second one...well it was a travesty. What were you thinking? I bet you aren't leaving your house in a while.

What a Dum-Dum. I mean I used to love these things when I was growing up but please...there is a time and place for eating candy.

Right now the song, “Love Will Keep Us Together” is running through my head…

Holly from MTV’s Road Rules/Real World Battle of the Seasons is one stupid dumb ass bitch who deserves to be bitchslapped. Please let me be the one to do it…

I know by admitting this you will all think that I couldn't be gayer if my name was Gaye Gayerson but I hope that I can still get box seats to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. I've wanted to go for quote some time and each time I hear about it, it's too late for me to go.

The Democrats are bitching about President Bush's economic stimulus package which they say only benefits the top 1% of the population. Same story, different year. You guys need a new song.

If that one's not bad enough, the feckin' GOP is having their convention here in 2004. Ugh. I may have to take a vacation that week.

Still waiting...

And to the little freak who thought their post on Craig's List was a good thing...well it's been taken down so no one can see it. Happy?

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