Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Shamlessly borrowed from Young Bradford....it's the new slogans for The 646 Guy...now why couldn't I show these on the Super Bowl. Just guess which one is my favorite?

Two Hours of the 646 Guy in Just Two Calories
Taste the 646 Guy.
Does the Hard 646 Guy, So You Don't Have To.
The 646 Guy, and on, and on...
Sharing the 646 Guy of your Life.
The 646 Guy Just Feels Right.
The 646 Guy with the Less Fattening Centres.
Tense, Nervous, the 646 Guy?
Made To Make Your 646 Guy Water.
You'll Never Put A Better Bit Of the 646 Guy On Your Knife.
You Can't Get Quicker Than a 646 Guy Fitter.
Leave the 646 Guy to Us.
Top Breeders Recommend the 646 Guy. *
Splash 646 Guy All Over.
Half the 646 Guy, All the Taste.**
Get the 646 Guy or Get Out.
You're Never Alone with a 646 Guy.
Only the 646 Guy Has The Answer.
Snap Into A Slim 646 Guy. **
Wouldn't You Rather Be the 646 Guy?
The 646 Guy Unscripted.
Because the 646 Guy is Complicated Enough.

* - This one tickles me the most (although not necessarily my favorite) since I've been known to call my heterosexual friends "breeders" in moments of mock exasperation.

** -- Appropriate considering my recent weight loss.

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