Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Hmmm well last night was interesting.

The chorus had their second rehearsal last night and a number of men who were not there last week for the first rehearsal showed up last night. This includes Old Crush and The Aussie. New Crush is taking the show off as he will be out of town at the time.

Now, for some reason last night I chose to wear a fitted t-shirt – something I don’t normally wear but since I knew that Old Crush and The Aussie were coming to this rehearsal I wanted to show off the new body (which is getting better – working on the tummy still but I have to say my chest was looking rather nice but that’s just me). In fact, several chorines were like, “Who the hell are you?” Of course they were joking but they were all pretty amazed at the transformation and all I have to say is wait until I start rugby practice.

Old Crush actually came to a dead stop and was like, “Damn you’re looking good.” Part of me inside said, “I know and you’re missing out on it,” but I just smiled and gave him a hug and told him he looked good as well since I hadn’t seen him since mid-December. Several other men commented on the weight loss (which as of yesterday morning bordered on about 43 pounds) and I was feeling like the homecoming king.

Then the Aussie arrived and he gave me a very nice hug and a short kiss. All I have to say is that his accent just drives me to distraction. I just wanted to grope him incessantly but I let him go into rehearsal anyway. No comment from him on going to see a movie or something but I had planned on asking him out again last night (more on that later).

Rehearsal went along fine. One of the more…how do I put this…buff members of the chorus may be coming out for rugby. He’s tall enough to be a lock and I was showing him the scrum position (which would include his hand on my crotch) and then I showed him how we do line outs and so forth. It’s great being able to feel up guys under the guise of athletics. At the end of rehearsal, I did pick him up by his crotch and lift him up until I was standing upright much to the shock of him and several other people. Of course it helped that he was grabbing my crotch at the time as well.

During break I was trying to finagle a way to get over to the Aussie to ask him out (movie, dinner, mind blowing sex, etc) but I wound up in a conversation with one of the sexiest men in the chorus (at least in the opinion of several of us) and we got to talking about relationships and weddings (since I have like SEVEN to go to this year) and he mentioned something about it being ten years since his last serious relationship and well…I jokingly proposed marriage to him. Then I was more or less like, why the hell not? So I asked for his ring size (as I did someone else who didn’t give it to me… J ) and started planning a honeymoon to Aruba for us. It cracked me up to no end because if he had said yes and been serious about it, I have no idea how I would have reacted.

After rehearsal some guys head over to a bar called The Monster for drinks. We get two drink tickets for free drinks while we’re there and I wasn’t in the mood to drink but I did have a frozen margarita with Chambord with The Aussie. Now, I wouldn’t have gone to the bar if The Aussie hadn’t asked if I was going but I figured I should spent some non-rehearsal time with him in order to get to know him better. However, despite talking to him quite a bit I never did get the chance to ask him out on a date as I was engaged in multiple conversations from my treatment of tourists (SCANDALOUS!) to my lifting of said uber-hunk which raised more than a few eyebrows from some new members who had been eyeing his flesh for quite sometime.

So The Aussie told me to email him this week and let him know the results of the layoffs here at work. I may couple that with tickets to the movie version of Chicago or perhaps something else…we shall see.
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