Monday, December 23, 2002

What Slashy Krycek Cliche Are You?

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My goodness gracious me! It must be simply exhausting, being so incredibly perfect all the time. You're the perfect lover, perfect cook, have the perfect body (stump and all), live in perfect domestic bliss with your lover/husband in the suburbs, own three dogs, a cat, and maybe even a kid or two. You make love to your boo-boo-kitty-sugarlips all day long, are never boring, and can cook a delicious filet mignon in seconds flat. Occasionally your boo-boo-kitty-sugarlips is in dire straits, and then you switch from the purring jungle kitty into the scary roaring tiger, out for blood. Nobody hurts your lover! You also tend to get kidnapped by lecherous bastards who want your beautiful body and wicked mind all for themselves, but don't worry. You'll be reunited with the love of your life in no time! You go, Perfect Domestic Bliss Cliche Alex!
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