Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Random Wednesday Thoughts

I have always told my friends that NYC is so great that you can get just about anything delivered to your door. I wasn't joking. Thanks to reading Gawker, I have learned that there is service that will deliver the finest in epidermal epics to your front door. This I find really funny....

The verdict in the Barry Bonds home run ball trial will have a verdict today. Many of us think that the guy who ultimately came up with the ball will be the winner. Too bad he will have to sell it to pay off attorney fees.

I haven't been playing Bookworm that much since I haven't had a real challenge as of late. 63,600 points from the magificent LAVENDAR still holds as the high score unless someone has beat it.

Men with Australian accents and pale blye eyes are very sexy.

Having a man moan with pleasure while you're massaging him (and mind you, he doesn't know who is massaging him) is one heck of a thrill.

I need sleep.
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