Monday, December 23, 2002

Holiday Story of the Day

In celebration of the holidays, I decided I would delve into the less than glamorous moments of my family's holiday past and share with you a few things that will make you say, "Thank God that's not my family!"

Christmas 2001

This was the year that I opted to be the really good son and buy my parents a DVD player (mind you I don't own a DVD player, but I'm buying my parents one). My sister, however, had to spill the beans to my father about it because he wanted to buy one for my mother so he wouldn't double dip. My father thought that having a few DVDs on hand when they got it installed would be nice so they could watch a movie on it that evening, therefore, they were wrapped and placed under the tree for my mother to open.

Christmas day comes and my mother opens up the package of DVDs before the DVD player. My family, shall we say, is not the best when it comes to timing. My mother looks at them, looks at my father, and says, "What good is this going to do us? We can't play these on the CD player, can we"

We brought her the DVD player next.
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